Nilfisk Vacuum Cleaner Wet & Dry Buddy 15

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Air flow rate (l/min) 3600 | Vacuum (mbar) 160 | Power max (watt) 1300 | Working sound level (db) 69
Order Number : NV0200026
Manufacture : Nilfisk
Model : Buddy 15
Berat Pengiriman : 5 Kg

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Detail Data Teknis Nilfisk Buddy 15

  • Air flow rate (l/min) 3600
  • Vacuum (mbar) 160
  • Power max (watt) 1300
  • Working sound level (db) 69
  • Container volume (l) 15
  • Cable length (m) 5
  • Weight (kg) 3.9
  • Dimensions (mm) 385x320x420

Deskripsi Produk Nilfisk Buddy 15

The Nilfisk Buddy is a small, lightweight, powerful helper for picking up Wet & Dry debris… for your home, car, workshop and hobbies. Easy to carry around. Equipped with a powerful 1300 Watt motor and a high airflow, the Buddy will deal with any wet or dry debris you want to pick up. The Buddy is delivered with useful accessories so you can start right away. PRODUCT FACTS

  • The light weight makes it easy to move around.
  • 1300 watt motor will pick up any debris you want to get rid of.
  • Two big wheels at the back and a castor in front make the machine very stable.
  • New fleece filter bag material allows you to pick up moist material without damaging the filter bag.
  • The standard wet filter protects your turbine for a long lifetime.
  • The built in accessory holder provides storage for your accessories so they are always at hand.
  • Ergonomic grip so you will have a balanced machine when you carry it around.

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