CCTV Sony SSC-CB565R/CB564R/CB575R/CB574R

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Analog Color Fixed Cameras | 700 TV Line Security Cameras with IR Illuminators and IP66 Housing
Order Number : SKU-27541
Manufacture :
Model : SSC-CB565R/CB564R/CB575R/CB574R
Berat Pengiriman : 10 Kg

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Detail Data Teknis SSC-CB565R/CB564R/CB575R/CB574R

Deskripsi Produk SSC-CB565R/CB564R/CB575R/CB574R

• Built-in IR (infrared) illuminators to assist capturing

objects in the dark even under 0 lx, up to 30 m

(98 feet) away

• High resolution (700 horizontal TV lines in sharp

mode) and high sensitivity (Color: 0.06 lx, B/W: 0 lx,

F1.2, 50 IRE) achieved by an 1/3-type “EXview HAD

CCD II” sensor and Sony’s new digital signal

processor, “Effio-E”

• IP66-rated waterproof and dust-tight feature for

outdoor surveillance, or indoor where water ingress

may pose an issue

• Optical Day/Night function to switch to Day or

Night mode depending on the light level

• Dip SW Control for easy mode setting

• ATR-Lite (Adaptive Tone Reproduction

Lite) to compensate for gradation of

subjects to an optimum level

• iBLC to compensate for exposure

levels in dark scenes to improve

subject visibility

• ATW (Automatic Tracing White)

balance which automatically adjusts

the camera’s white balance to adapt

to sudden changes in lighting


• Internal lock, and line lock selectable

• 2D noise reduction employed

• AC 24 V/DC 12 V operation (±10 %)

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