Motorola Walkie Talkie MR350R

Motorola mj270r two way radio orig
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Motorola MR350R Two-Way Radio
Order Number : SKU-15842
Manufacture : Motorola
Model : MR350R
Berat Pengiriman : 10 Kg

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Detail Data Teknis Motorola MR350R

  • Up to 27 mile range.
  • 22 channels each with 121 privacy codes.
  • 27 hr. alkaline (3AA) or 9 hr. NiMH battery life. Includes rechargable battery pack.
  • iVOX hands-free communication without the need for an audio accessory.
  • Emergency Alert button and 11 weather channels (7NOAA) with alert feature. Also Built in Flashlight.
  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 1.3 x 7.8 inches

Deskripsi Produk Motorola MR350R

The Motorola MJ270R 2-Way Radio is the ideal emergency communication tool for outdoor enthusiasts and active families. With NOAA alert radio you will get continuous broadcasting of local and regional weather conditions during your adventurous trip. It has two rechargeable batteries for backup.

Features :

  • Includes an emergency alert feature, allowing you to enjoy your escape to the great outdoors with confidence that others can be informed of any dangers that may come your way
  • When the alert button is activated, the radio transmits an alert siren followed by transmission of spoken or incidental sounds
  • This allows you to send the signal to other radios and warn of impending danger
  • The MJ270 also features a built-in LED flashlight for peace-of-mind during evening adventures or unexpected emergencies and power outages
  • Weather alerts will provide your group with warnings of incoming storms or dangerous conditions
  • By tuning in to one of 7 NOAA channels on your MJ270, you will always know what to pack with continuous local and regional weather broadcasting
  • Full 22-frequency capacity with 121 privacy codes to reduce interruptions
  • Motorola QT (Quiet talk) functionality allows the radios to be set so they can communicate with other compatible Motorola products, adding yet another level of distinction from the other manufacturers
  • Designed to fit every lifestyle, the MJ270 allows you the convenience of charging four distinct ways
  • Use the provided desktop charger at home or a mini-USB car cable on your way to soccer practice
  • Pack a mini-USB wall cable for recharge in the hotel during your family vacation or simply charge from your PC when no power outlet is available using a mini-USB PC cable
  • Mini-USB car, wall and PC cables are sold separately
  • Model includes 2 radios, 2 belt clips,1 dual charger, 1 charging adapter and 2 NiMH rechargeable battery packs

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