Ilsintech Swift F1 Fusion Splicer

Ilsintech swift f1 fusion splicer orig
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Order Number : SKU-15693
Manufacture : Ilsintech
Model : Ilsintech Swift F1 Fusion Splicer
Berat Pengiriman : 10 Kg

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Detail Data Teknis Ilsintech Ilsintech Swift F1 Fusion Splicer

  • Alignment Fixed V-Groove(Clad to Clad)
  • Cladding Diameter 125um
  • Coating Diameter 250~900um(F1)
  • Average splice loss SMF: 0.03dB, MMF: 0.02dB, NZDSF /DSF: 0.06dB
  • Splice Time (typical) 7 sec
  • Heating Time 20 sec(0.9mm Fiber), 70sec(Indoor,3.0mm Cable)
  • Sleeve Length 30mm(0.9mm Fiber), 40mm(2.0,3.0mm,Indoor Cable)
  • Tension Test 1.96N
  • Splice Memory 2000
  • Fiber Holder For connector only, 900um,250um
  • Dimension 135(W) × 200(L) × 82(H) mm
  • Weight 1.5Kg (Body 1.1kg, battery 120g x 2)
  • Power DC Li-Polymer Battery, 100 ~ 240VAC Charger
  • Battery Capacity 1400mAh X 2
  • No. of Splicing/Heating with battery typical 120 cycles
  • Operating Temperature -10 ~ 50?
  • Storage Temperature -40 ~ 80?

Deskripsi Produk Ilsintech Ilsintech Swift F1 Fusion Splicer

Swift-F1 is state-of-art FTTH fusion splicer is designed to offer easier, more convenient and faster fiber optical cable preparation work in the field by integrating 5 functions into one single unit.

Swift-F1 systematically performs five functions of (1) automatic thermal fiber stripping, (2) fiber cleaning, (3) fiber cleaving, (4) fusion splicing, and (5) sleeving (heat shrink oven) all designed in one unit.

You don't have to carry the fiber cleaver, thermal stripper and fiber cleaner separately. The High Precision Fiber Cleaver, Automatic Thermal Fiber Stripper, Fiber Cleaner and Heat Shrink Oven are all conveniently mounted on top of the Swift-F1 splicer, this design drastically reduces splicing time.

Swift-F1 is also designed for fusion splice-on connectors. Combination of the five key functions of Swift-F1 with Swift Connector (splice-on connector) enabled solving splice quality, durability, and A/S cost problems of mechanical splice (V-groove) connection. By drastically lowering manufacturing cost of splice-on connector, installation cost is lowered more than 15%; reversing existing idea that splice-on connection is much more expensive than V-groove connection.

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