Bosch GOP250CE 250W All-Rounder Professional Multi Tool 240V


05 Jul 2016


Mau tahu lebih banyak tentang aplikasi yang dapat digunakan oleh mesin multifungsi oscillating Bosch? SImak video diatas. Apakah cocok penggunaannya dengan tugasmu? Advantages: GOP 250 CE Professional A universe full of possibilities -- The blue problem solver ■Powerful 250-watt motor with Constant Electronic for constant work progress in every application ■Slim grip circumference for more comfortable working in precision applications and continuous use ■Easy, precise positioning on the workpiece due to oscillating motion. This enables accurate cutting and prevents damage to high-quality work materials ■Speed preselection for perfect adjustment to suit different accessories and work materials ■Extensive range of accessories offers solutions for many applications ■Rubber-coated handle surfaces enable comfortable work in different positions ■Integrated ball grommet increases flexibility and prevents cable breaks

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