Karcher Pressure Washer HDS Compact Hot Water Steam Cleaner


28 Jul 2016


Call 01952 505566 for prices The new HDS Compact hot water pressure washer range offers a number of key cost-saving and time-saving benefits, not least its new eco!efficiency mode which reduces fuel consumption by 20%. The new models are ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises that have to wash vehicles, machinery, parts or equipment on a regular basis. The Jogger design allows the machines to be moved quickly and easily and also to be used off-site. Naturally, with the new HDS Compact class, you are getting tried-and-tested, robust and durable technology, unrivalled low operating costs and ease of operation. For entry-level simplicity, choose the HDS 5/12 C. For the added convenience of steam setting, Servo Control and higher performance, choose the HDS 6/12 C or 110v 6/10 C. All models offer the peace of mind of a three year warranty on the burner coil.

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